How can a dispatcher find an operator’s owner?

Collaboration with truck owners in the US logistics industry is pivotal
different from working with drivers for hire. Not to mention the benefits
work with truck owners – no responsibility, best
safety indicators. Owner operators are people who are different
volitional character traits. They are more independent, ambitious and
enterprising than self-employed drivers. Accordingly, tactics
interaction with this category of partners should be different.

Here are three tips to help you attract carrier owners.

1 – find owners on the Internet

We live in the age of technology. A large percentage of owner operators are active in
in social networks. They maintain their blogs, use instant messengers, some of
they make videos about their activities. We recommend active use
this resource is for contacting owners. You can send them a private message with
offer of cooperation, arrange a meeting, talk on the phone.

2 – have an open dialogue

To reach your goal, you will need patience. You will also be helped by
qualities like honesty and sincerity. Entrepreneurs need to be sure
your choice, so you must inspire maximum confidence in them.
Be sure to find out what is important to them. If there are any stones
stumbles, make it clear that you are ready to work on the problem. Working with
Owners sometimes need to make compromises. Have a clear understanding of
what your collaboration will look like.

3 – be consistent in your actions

Nothing irritates owners more than changing plans. You must be
consistent and logical in their actions. Except mistrust and skepticism
relationship, it will also create a negative reputation that will affect others
drivers. But improvement of conditions in the course of hiring is allowed. In no case
you can not refuse what you promised before.
If you are honest and logical, then the owner will evaluate your tactics and take
the right decision.

When the workflow starts, stay consistent as well. Owners
more independent and less adapted to change. In other words, they
want to choose when and with whom to work, to be able to choose
downloads that they like. They do not tolerate excessive supervision. For them in
prioritize factors such as pay and benefits, home time, and more. At that
time as drivers for hire will be more forgiving of data changes
factors, the owners value their freedom and the reliability of the company with which they