The latest trends and innovations in the air freight industry

The air freight industry has undergone significant changes in recent years, driven by advancements in technology, shifting consumer demands, and changing global economic trends. As a result, companies like AIR FREIGHT SERVICES, Inc. are constantly adapting to the latest trends and innovations to stay ahead of the curve and provide top-notch air freight services to […]

A new development from the world’s leading manufacturers will facilitate the work of heavy truck drivers

One more step has been taken towards automating the sphere of cargo transportation and freight broker mentorship program. Bosch, Volkswagen, MAN Truck & Bus, the University of Stuttgart, the University of the Media, the Spiegel Institute and CanControls teamed up to create a prototype of an automated driving assistant. Recently, the number of road accidents […]

Is it true that soon all roads in Russia will be paid?

The Ministry of Transport proposed to introduce a toll for motorists on regional roads. What’s in return? And in return, the authorities propose to introduce free travel for passengers on public transport. The scheme provides that from 2025 tolls will be collected on regional roads, and by 2035 – from “all categories of road users”, […]

Electronic logbooks

In April 2021, all truckers in the US were required to purchase electronic logging devices, or ELDs, for their drivers. That was the decision of the American authorities as reported on the According to experts, they will have a significant impact on the development of the logistics system in the future. The first goal […]

How can a dispatcher find an operator’s owner?

Collaboration with truck owners in the US logistics industry is pivotal different from working with drivers for hire. Not to mention the benefits work with truck owners – no responsibility, best safety indicators. Owner operators are people who are different volitional character traits. They are more independent, ambitious and enterprising than self-employed drivers. Accordingly, tactics […]

Broker check

How to check the credit rating of freight brokers in order to insure against fraud in advance? This will be discussed further. Take precautions. Recently, the state has taken certain measures to make it harder for brokers to use telecom operators. So, since 2013, a law has been in force, according to which brokers must […]

Who are freight brokers

Freight brokers (freight brokers) are the people who are responsible for organizing cargo transportation. Shippers are looking for carriers that carry out transportation as safely, efficiently and economically as possible. Also they looking for respectable brokers. The latter may first have a load for dispatch, and then they can turn to carriers to transport the […]

Disadvantages of a dispatcher

Let’s move on to the worst part – the cons of the dispatcher: Multitasking mode. If you have chosen this field of activity for yourself, then you should initially tune in to the fact that you will have to do a huge number of things at the same time. This will allow you to remain […]